Thursday, February 05, 2009

When you leave Daddy in Charge!

Derek has to write a report on a famous Black American for Black History month for school. I am in class three nights a week. So when the paperwork came home daddy and Derek went to work to research famous Black Americans. (Obama had already been taken by another classmate) 
So when I get home Derek is beaming. So happy to report who he and daddy picked. 

George Clinton. The principal architect of Funk (or so his Bio says) Derek is thrilled that he has an album called Smell my Finger...sigh. This is what happens when I leave daddy in charge of the reports. Of all the famous Black Americans this is what my two come up with. So now I am left to help Derek with it. To be a fly on the wall when Derek has to do this presentation. We need to pull some "Atomic Dog" or "Do you get fries with that shake" to play in the background during his speech. That ought to get him some extra points... Lordy.

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