Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My son, Joseph, the crazy one as we like to call him, as he shakes his booty for all the world to see at McDonalds yesterday, loves to celebrate. He will celebrate anything. Any excuse to have a party. He woke up and still groggy said "Is today Lebrakahn day?" silly boy. He doesn't care if there are gifts or music he just wants to celebrate something. anything!
He is looking for Lebrakahns to jump out of boxes (which boxes I have no idea but he's looking)
He is very worried about any one he sees that is not wearing green as if something dire will happen to them. It's the funniest thing ever.
So we shall have ale (for daddy) and green mashed potatoes (Irish you know) and meat loaf for dinner and listen to some good Irish music and finish it off with some mint (green) ice cream.
I am having this pesky tooth pulled today hence the soft foods in tonight's menu.
Hope you all have a wonderful, Irish lucky day.


Anonymous said...

I have been Irish for 47 years now..this is the first time I've heard green mash potatoes and meat loaf were the meal of the day...let us know how it all turned out.

Anonymous said...

we had meatloaf too! i wasn't up for cooking corned beef for just two people...so i figured any kind of meat and potatoes was good. at least i added some green beer to the mix, right?! :) ~CZ