Thursday, March 26, 2009

My worse nightmare comes true

The wonderful speech therapist I am working with is a bug and a nature lover. I am trying to embrace it, I am. We have stick bugs and lady bugs and an ant farm in her therapy room. The kids really dig it. So Tuesday my kids asked if they could see the ants. I told them if they did a good job we could. So when they were done we went and took a look. I moved the farm so they could see a bit better and put it back when they were done and we went on our way.

Wednesday I was near the farm looking for a pen when I noticed an ant on the outside of the farm roaming about. I told Mrs. Berg "We have an escapee" and tried to catch him. No easy task let me tell you. After we caught him and went to put him in the ant farm we noticed the ants were GONE. They all got out. Apparently when I moved the farm on Tuesday I loosened a tube they crawl through and they made a mad dash for it.
We started looking everywhere for those darn ants. They are pretty decent size so it's not that hard to see them but still. It seemed every little thing in the room was an ant at one point.

I felt horrible. She had used her money for these ants. The kids loved them and they were gone because I had been careless.
So I went to my next session of kids in my little room feeling guilty and I offered to buy her some more ants but she refused. She wasn't mad I think she thought it was funny. Great chance of me getting a paid job, "Don't hire here she let's the wild life free!"
After my next batch of kids were done I went back into her room and found her with her head in a drawer. "I found them!" apparently they walked off the top of the cabinet and fell right into the drawer and were sort of trapped. Thank Goodness. So we emptied the drawer and managed to get most of them back into the farm. Funny they all bunched up in one area of the farm like they were talking about their great adventure or planning another one.
My worse nightmare has been that the critters were going to escape while she was gone or something and eat me alive. Well they didn't eat me but maybe next time. I am just really glad she doesn't keep snakes in there. YIKES!

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