Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What real mama's want.

There are these games called Cooking Mama and now Gardening Mama. They are cute. The boys think I need them. Yes that's what I need. A game to sit and play (when? I am not sure) doing what I normally do. Sounds like fun. The Sims games make me crazy. You have to do everything for them. Hello that's a lot like being a parent and the stupid Sims characters don't give sloppy kisses or do anything cute like real kids do. No thank you.
So I say Nintendo guys come up with a real game we Mama's would enjoy. How about Sleeping Mama.
Your goal is to let the mama sleep. She picks out her jammies. Does she want a warm bath or a book to read before bed? Find the right pre bed activity for your mama (Sleeping Daddy not included remove you minds from the gutter right now)
She picks out her bed, her sheets, whoops Mama got too hot for the flannels you loose 100 points pick different sheets this time. Barking dog you better find him and make him stop or you'll wake mama and lose a turn. Make sure Mama's alarm set and you get bonus points, opps it's gone off on a Saturday you'll have to make breakfast.
I would sit and play this game all day...or at least when I had a chance. The boys think it's a good idea but they would get frustrated Derek said "How do you know what Mama needs or likes? You could lose points because her pj's are all wrong" Ah ha my son now you got it.
Take your cookin and cleaning and gardening mama give me Sleepin Mama (and the royalties please)

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Balancing Act; Jenn said...

PS I read this and LOVED it. LOVED IT LOVED IT. Wanted to say, agree, am with you, can totally see this game being invented. Go on, invent it. I'd buy it. :)