Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day and birth days

Happy Earth Day everyone. I am so glad Joseph's class has been working on green projects and talking about recycling. I think we are a pretty green family not as green as I would like to be. I'd like to recycle our gray water and have solar panels, it's down the road. Take some time to love our mother today. We are only borrowing this planet from our children you know.

Happy Birthday Kim C. Hope you have a great day.

Also, today the police were at the boys school. I think there was a small accident on Sycamore Parkway. Anyway, the driveway is a right turn only and you would not believe how many people make a left anyway. It clogs up the traffic. So the car a few cars ahead of me makes a left turn and the police pulled them over (stupid person) and wouldn't you know the car right in front of me who HAD to have seen the police pull the other guy over made a left turn too. I guess he thought the police officer was busy with the other guy and he could skate on through, which is exactly what happened. But here is my thing. I think you're showing your children that the law does not apply to them. You can do whatever you want. Never mind what the sign says you want to make a left turn, do it. If I even make a right turn on a red light Joseph is telling me I am going to get a ticket and preaching the very things I often say so I think my kiddos get it. Then I have to explain that as long as you come to a complete stop you can make a right turn on a red light it's ok.
It's the little things I think that we do and say that are the examples to our children. They are always watching even when we think they are not.

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Donna said...

I agree... I always tell the boys... It's not so much the things that you do because someone is looking. Its way more important the way you do things because its the right thing to do. It is called integrity and its part of who you are.

btw, we must live close by each other. We actually looked at a house just off Sycamore before deciding on Edgewood.