Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Joseph is an Anaheim Ducks fan. This is difficult for us as a Sharks family. He even has a Ducks jersey. (Go on, ask me who bought that for him? HIS FATHER. It's all for the love of the sport overall)

So on our recent trip to Disneyland we saw on the GPS that we were very close to the Honda Center where the Ducks play. Very close. So on our way home we drove by to show Joseph were his beloved Seleane and Pronger (oh I hate that guy) play. He loved it. He was so excited. So I am running around in my Sharks pullover mind you, snapping photos trying not to get arrested by security who must have thought this was pretty suspicious or run over by crazy LA drivers (or my husband who was eating a Big Mac at the same time he was driving).
I took the photo of the Honda Center and jump in the car and Dominic says "Is that a dead duck in the road?"
"SHUT UP" I say
"No I swear it's a dead duck" He says chomping on some fries.
He pulls around again avoiding security and yes indeed in the gutter is a duck. A dead duck. Of course I have to take a picture.

I am sure when the duck was found who is no doubt the beloved Ducky Mascot who lives and hangs out at the arena and now they have to win the cup for this darn dead duck...sniff... anyway I am sure when security found this duck they said "you know Earl I saw this red car takin photos and that girl and that man were wearing Sharks shirts. Seems suspicious to me."
Although I swear on my mothers life the duck was dead when we got there I swear. !) At first we thought this must be a good sign for us. As Italinans it's the old horses head in the bed type of thing for the ducks. much love from the Sharks. But now I think that duck has cursed us. ho hum

Speaking of dead animals... I am so sorry. Did you hear about those Polo Horses that died in Palm Springs over the weekend? 21 Horses died from heart failure just stepped out of their trailers and pretty much died. So very sad. I love horse racing and I think horses are beautiful animals. I don't know much about Polo but I think I would enjoy watching that too. It's sad to lose such fine animals. I hope it was just accidental and not some sort of sabatoge. That is just awful.

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