Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey y'all

Can you believe this weather? I cannot. Yesterday was 99 degrees in we had to put out the junk for the spring clean up. My muscles are sore and our front curb is full of stuff but we can now park BOTH cars in our garage. Can you say that? Dom is so happy about this it's ridiculous.

My mother in law is coming this weekend for a visit and to see the house. When we visit her she always has a day jammed pack full of things to do, bowling, bocce ball, dinner. I would like her to hang with the boys. Joseph wants to play Wii, Dom wants to cook for her. We'll see how it goes. Stop by and say hello won't you. Won't you? Please God won't you?

I have a presentation to give tonight that I am totally pulling out of my ass I mean totally improve. Wish me luck.

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