Sunday, April 19, 2009


The news has gone from a missing 8 year old girl, to the body of the 8 year old being found in a suitcase, to the woman that killed her. Our own police chief cannot believe that Sandra Cantu died at the hands of a woman, a woman that was not her mother. A woman with a daughter the same age as Sandra. If you look through legal archives you won't find similar cases. Can we get into this killers head? Can we even think that that we could ever come close to see how this all played out in her head? Some say she must have had help or must be covering for someone, our police say that ever indication is that she acted alone. She tells a story of being raped as a young girl, of hard times, losing jobs, divorcee, bankruptcy, depression. Really? Who these days with the exception of being raped has not gone through any of these things? You better pick a different story to tell, a different angle to take girlie we aren't buying this. No one is quick to feel sorry for you.

So this is the scary part. Many moms will often tell their children if you find yourself lost in a mall or amusement park try to find an employee or a security guard, if you can't go to a mommy with little kids she can help you. Now the fear has been placed that maybe that's not the safest thing to tell your child.

I believe the world is still a good place. I believe our town is still safe. I believe what we think and feel about our neighborhoods and the people in them is still right. I believe we need to really get back to knowing where are children are, who they are with always. Before we go and question our town and this world, lets look at our place in it and what we do to take care of ourselves and those in it that we live with.

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