Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smarter than a 5th Grader

I was in 5th grade once. I remember being in 5th grade I swear to God I do. I had Mr. Hoppman the best teacher ever. I recall doing a report on Texas. I do not recall learning about W.E.B. DuBois or John Hancock. However, I know all about these two men now thanks to my sons reports on them. ahem.
I don't think I got the whole Boston Tea Party thing or understand it as I do now. I didn't get the Declaration of Independence like I do now. I am pretty sure I didn't even learn it until high school but middle school is all a blurr to me. I hope he gets it now. He seems like he's getting it. I hope he doesn't have to wait until his daughter is in 5th grade to really grasp it. I enjoy History. I enjoy these assignments. We are a good balance. Dom does well on the science and math part and I help with the history.
So we're kicking back eating Easter Candy (last day of vacation you should get to eat it all day long in my opinion) and working on homework. Till 7pm then it all stops for the Sharks game. Dom is heading to the game with his cousins. I say if the Sharks dont win Dom doesn't get to go to any more playoff games. Ha! Like Mark or Dom will listen to me at all on this.
I feel almost as smart as my fifth grader...just don't tell him that, I'll never live it down.

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