Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Monday

Someone needs to do the following things TODAY.

1. Teach my sweet Stella that 5:30 am is just not an acceptable time to get up EVERY morning. 5 am isn't much better which she did this morning.
2. Joseph needs to learn what "let sleeping dogs lie" means. He'll pet her, lift her, poke her. Sweet thing that she is takes it but gosh darn it can't a girl get any sleep around here. (see #1)
3. Stella also needs to learn that mama's hands are not for biting. Thankfully I am the one she bites the most just sort of chews on them but I am done with that.
4. My dentist needs to know that a 1 hour appointment for a health check up is just not feasible for me. I need to be in and out thank you very much. Good grief. So off I go at 11:20 and there really are a million things I need, could and would want to do with that 1 hour time. Good grief.

Let me know when you get all this taken care of. Much thanks.

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