Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer I smell ya

Ho hum here we are. 5:30 fuzzy wake up call and the Saturday begins. Paper read by me, torn apart by her. 7:30 the plumber calls (man that is early on a Saturday) and by 10 he is gone. It's just after 11 and we have already had lunch and puppy face is napping. The boys are bored. What to do? I have homework to finish up (which I will) so I can't really get into any projects per say in the yard but boy I am itchin to.
I need to think of 1 million things for the boys to do this summer. 1 million.
I think I'll go look that up.
Do you all have any suggestions?

We got approved to stay at our school for another year. We weren't sure if Joseph was going to have to move next year or not. We had to submit an inter district transfer. Found out yesterday he'll stay. That is a huge load off my chest.
WE also got a call from the yellow hummer lady's insurance company they have sent a payment to our insurance company on the 7th and our portion should be on it's way. Woo hoo.

Stella is still a nipper but she didn't nip Dominic at all yesterday that is really sayin something. I am working with her constantly to be a good dog. She's trying... I think.
Tomorrow we have puppy class so maybe we'll get some tricks to help us out with the nippin. I know it's a puppy thing.
Ok I am off to finish up some studying.
I can't wait for summer even all the lazy boring days it brings.

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