Saturday, May 23, 2009

My weekend projects

Dom agreed to let me pull up the front yard. Today he said no way. THAT MAN. He's letting me keep Stella so I have to compromise. Man I hate that part of marriage. (just kiddin)
So we got a bookcase and a DVD holder and a shoe holder for the boys. We have just 1 box left to unpack. FINALLY.
I love how the living room is shaping up.
So Dom kept me busy in the house today with projects so I didn't get to work on the yard. Tomorrow he's luring me out to the movies. Star Trek. With Eric Bana. Does he know how to get me or what? Humph.

Derek will be participating in the egg drop on Tuesday. So what's the best way to do that? We're thinking peanut butter in a soup can. A baggie of popcorn. Or maybe jello or flower foam stuff.
So fun.
Hope you all are having a great weekend. We got stuff to bbq all weekend and a puppy you haven't meet you. Come on over.


Nancy said...

Check w/Mike re egg drop. He & Adam did it 2 years ago & Ken & I were there for the "big drop"---fun event & amazing what ideas some people came up with.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the front yard rip out project gone awry, Bill is letting me do ours. We took a road trip out to Manteca to look at a grass farm, the one I like won't be ready for a month. Maybe Dom will change his mind, and we can order grass together!

Anonymous said...

I still remember ours from the 5th grade. I remember the styrofoam peanuts were the winners. The lighter the better. I also remember one person put a bunch of box tape around the shell to make it stronger. Haven't thought about that in years!