Sunday, May 24, 2009

To Boldly Go

Today we went to see Star Trek. sigh.
This is my second action-boy movie recently. I am longing for a romance or a comedy.
The Eric Bana fan that I am could not handle seeing him all ugly. All snarly mouthed. Stomping about.
I got confused and lost. Black Holes. Time travel. Future. Past. What the heck. Who is that? Bones. McCoy. Scotty. Old Spock. Young Spock. GA!
Dang it.
I will say I got some wonderful phrases I have been throwing about and will throw about for a while like..

"Are you out of your Vulcun mind?"
Love that one.

"Kirk out"
"To Boldly Go..." to the bathroom. To the laundry room.

The boys just roll their eyes at me.

In other news. Stella slept till 7:30 today. What a wonderful feeling THAT was. But she's still so nippy. I am frustrated and angry with her. I hate that. The boys are playing Heroscape which to me is dangerously close to Dungeons and Dragons. I don't get it. I am bored and restless. Our neighbors are having parties on both sides of us so I don't want to do any yard work and mess up their evenings. I don't have any books to read righ tnow. Dang it. Tv is awful tonight.I will say Dom and I had some Mike's Hard Lemonade and dang if those things are pretty good.
Gonna go figure out how to get my egg to fly and not break.
Kirk Out.

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