Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I had a cup of coffee with Dom this morning, because that is what we do at 5:30 am when we get up with Stella. I had a Diet Coke during the egg drop, I had coffee with my friend Val, then I had a soda with lunch and another soda with an afternoon snack. WOO HOO. I am buzzin baby.

They had the good ole egg drop at the boys school today. Fireman. A firetruck. The nine yards. Nice. Derek's egg (not my project this time I would have done it differently) survived the fall but then (I am not even kidding) another egg in a shoe box came down right on top of ours. How do you survive a 100 ft drop and then get squished by another box? DANG IT.
Then Derek got sick like in a snap. 101 fever bouncing back to 99 and back to 101 all afternoon. UGH. What the heck?

I want to show you these wonderful paint samples I got today. Aren't they great? I am going paint my bathroom and the boys bathroom this summer and plant some ferns. These are my summer projects. Along with finishing some books.
You get these great jars for $3.99 and they some in a million colors. It's just enough for you to get a pretty good idea of how a color is going to look. Better than those little slips of papers they have. This company is called ">Pratt and Lambert. It seems like really great paint.

I would like to take a moment to comment on the whole Jon and Kate + 8 situation. Do you all watch that show? I have watched the show off and on for awhile now. I cannot believe those kids are 5 years old already. I know that sometimes Kate come off looking like a bitch. I know some people think it's about time Jon left. I think sometimes it looks like Jon is in way over his head. Sometimes he just seems so overwhelmed like he's not enjoying the kids. I feel bad for them, I do. I think he's just having a go to pieces. I must ask you how can you have 8 kids and look as wonderful as Kate does? My goodness I only have 2. She had a tummy tuck I guess, how nice is that. I know that after having 6 babies she needed it but honey don't we all? Goodness.
I think she has to be a strong forceful lady to deal with 8 kids. I think she had to find a way to help her family financially. I can't believe the tension when they sat there talking about the split. It's gotta be the hardest thing.

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