Sunday, May 17, 2009

Puppy Class

We had our first puppy class today. As we walked up to the door of the SPCA we saw a puppy that looked just like our Stella. That was so weird. It was her brother. Inside we saw another puppy from her liter a girl that her owners named Bella. Too cute. We were the only ones that brought water for our dog and the only ones the brought treats for the training. Go us. We had the cutest dog there too. It was weird to hear other dogs bark just like ours. We even found out that Stella's sister Bella sleeps till 8 am. Dom was convinced we got the wrong dog. But our dog is way cuter and he saw how she behaves so much better than some of the other dogs there so I think they are going to get along much better.
We learned a lot and she paid attention and she got to hang out with other dogs. I highly recommend puppy preschool. I highly recommend the East Bay SPCA they are wonderful. It's a great facility with wonderful services.
Now we are all so hot and so tired.

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