Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stella Strikes Again.

It started last night when I found out I had the WRONG soap for my washing machine. I have the front loading kind and I need the HE type of soap. I have been really good about that for the whole year that I have had this washer but the last soap I got I messed up. So last night the washer is beeping and saying "SUD" "SUD" over and over on the display. I wasn't sure what this meant so we grabbed the owners manual and found out real quick the issue. There really is a reason they tell you to use that HE soap and it's a good idea to do it.

This morning Stella got a hold of Derek's glasses and put some nice bite marks in them. Thankfully the Wal Mart vision department has a great warranty on all kids and teens glasses and they sent them off for repairs. Now he doesn't have any glasses for a few days but he'll be ok.
Then Joseph dropped a full jar of Ragu sauce on his toe. Poor baby. It's a bit purple and he keeps sayin he broke it but it's not.
Then we took Stella to see my folks and she left my folks a little present in the hallway. Oh boy!
Thankfully her nipping is getting better and therefore she is getting along better with Dominic. She has outgrown her crate and keeps waking herself up in the night as she tosses and turns about it. Gotta get her a new one tomorrow. It's always something isn't it?
Ok I am off to watch some hockey.

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