Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Boom Boom.

I don't know if I can honestly say that I have a best friend. A go to no matter what time of day or what the circumstances friend. That use to really bother me. But with age I think I am more comfortable with and accepting of the rhythms of my life. Instead of trying to force relationships I accept them and go about things.

Jenn and I have been friends for a long time now. Long distance friends to boot. She gets me like few people do even 3000 miles away. There are so many stories about me and Jenn in just the short time we spent physically in the same city/state. Perhaps more than people I spent years going to elementary and high school with. Laughing till I could not breath. Tears running down my face. Stories and life. We share that.

Life gets busy with her boys and my boys and puppies and painting and we don't talk on the phone like we should, we don't email like we should. I feel bad about that. But that too I think we are pretty accepting of.
As far as my Jenn stories go you know I love the soda bottle in her car story, the homemade bomb in the laundry room story and the wonderful baby shower she gave me. The homemade terra cotta pot Christmas topper she made is a good one too. We had good times.
I will never forget her coming to see me in the hospital the day Derek was born. I knew she hated hospitals. I knew she wanted children but was little concerned with the whole birthing process. As she sat in my room and we heard a woman giving birth down the hall moaning and groaning, Jenn's discomfort was noticeable but I was alone 3000 miles away from my family and 40 miles away from my new born baby and hubby. She sat with me and cried with me. I will never forget that. She clearly sat her feelings and discomfort aside to be with me.
So to you today Boom Boom. I wish you a happy 39th birthday. I am thinking of you today. Your gift is coming (when are we ever on time with these things?) And I hope you love it as much as I love you.


donna said...

Tammy ~ I'd say that yes you do have a best friend, she's yourself and you do a pretty good job of taking care of her! All the other people in your life? ... well they are just lucky to have you! So Jenn, by online friend via Tammy, Happy Birthday to you!

Jenn said...

Tammy once again you make me cry, take my breath away and make me still with your words. Thank you thank you thank you I appreciate you and agree with all your thoughts (well except for the funny stories you continue to tell about me ((they are just not true people, I tell you, believe none of it!! :))). We are close but yet so far. One day, we'll get back together and have more fun, more laughs, get each other more and probably argue too. Isn't that the best part? That's what makes people think. I do believe that. Today has been a great day, and I just want to say I love you and thank you from the East Coast to the West. Big hugs!!!!! You are right, in a short time, we did a lot, realized a lot, and got close. Keeping in touch has not always been easy but 100% worth it.