Wednesday, June 03, 2009

June Holidays

These are a few of the holidays in June.
Make sure you celebrate a few of these ok?

•Dairy Month (get your ice cream on)

•Great Outdoors Month (get your bbq on)

•National Adopt-A-Cat Month (scratch this one...haha get it scratch it?)

•National Drive Safe Month (Yes please do)

•National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month (yum)

•National Iced Tea Month (oh yeah baby, just made some myself)

•National Rose Month (make sure you stop and sniff them)

•National Safety Month (lets be careful out there)

•National Tennis Month (Dontcha just luv that?)

•Potty Training Awareness Month (you hear that Stella?)

•Turkey Lovers Month (gobble gobble)

•Zoo and Aquarium Month (go check one out near you)

A few more special days to be aware of this month. ENJOY!
June 1st

•Donut Day (Ok missed that)

•Oscar the Grouch's Birthday
Sesame Street Character

•Stand For Children Day
Celebrated on this day in most places.

June 2nd

•Radio Was Patented
In 1896.

June 3rd

Egg Day

•First U.S. Spacewalk
By Ed White in 1965.

June 4th

•Aesop's Birthday

•Cheese Day

•First Ford Made
Henry Ford made his first operational car in 1896.

June 5th

•First Hot Air Balloon Flight
By the Montgolfier brothers in 1783.

•National Gingerbread Day

•Richard Scarry's Birthday
Author of children's books, born in 1919.

•World Environment Day

June 6th

•First Drive-in Movie Theater Opens
In New Jersey in 1933.

•National Applesauce Cake Day

•National Yo-Yo Day

June 7th

•The Amazing Mumford's Birthday
Sesame Street Character.

June 8th

•Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday
In 1867.

June 9th

•Donald Duck's Birthday

June 10th

•Ball Point Pen Day

•Iced Tea Day

•Judy Garland's Birthday
Singer and acctress born in 1922. Started in the Wizard of Oz.

June 11th

•E.T. Movie Premiered
In 1982.

June 12th

•Anne Frank's Birthday
Born in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

•The Baseball was Invented In 1839.

•Magic Day

June 13th

•Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Birthday

•Weed Your Garden Day

June 14th

•Caldecott Medal First Awarded
In 1937.

•Flag Day
•"Pop Goes the Weasel" Day

•Race Unity Day
Second Sunday in June.

•Sand Paper Invented
Invented by I. Fischer Jr. in 1834.

•World Juggling Day

June 15th

•Fly A Kite Day
Ben Franklin's Kite Experiment in 1752.

•Power of a Smile Day

June 16th

•National Fudge Day

June 17th

•Eat Your Vegetables Day

June 18th

•International Picnic Day

June 19th

•Garfield's Birthday
Debuted in 1978.


•Tasmanian Devil's Birthday
Debuted in 1954.

June 20th

•Bald Eagle Day

•Ice Cream Soda Day

June 21st

•Father's Day
Third Sunday of June.

•First Day of Summer

June 22nd

•US Department of Justice Established

June 23rd

•Edward VIII - King of England's Birthday
Born in 1894.

•Johannes Gutenberg's Birthday
Born in 1400.

•June Carter-Cash's Birthday
Born in 1929.

•National Pecan Sandies Day

•National Pink Day

•Soap Opera Day

•Typewriter Patented
In 1868.

•United Nations Public Service Day

June 24th

•U.F.O. Day
First documented UFO sighting on this day.

June 25th

•Eric Carle's Birthday
Author of several children's books.

- LEON is NOEL spelled backwards. It means six months until Christmas.

June 26th

•Bicycle Patented
In 1819.

•National Chocolate Pudding Day

•Toothbrush Invented
In 1498.

June 27th

•Captain Kangaroo's Birthday
Bob Keeshan.

•Helen Keller's Birthday
Born in 1880.

•Melody for Happy Birthday Song
Written in 1859.

June 28th

•Paul Bunyan Day

June 29th

•Camera Day

June 30th

•Meteor Day

•Superman's Birthday

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