Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lovin it.

Wasn't the weather last night in Nor Cal wonderful? Lighting. Thunder. Hail.
I was lovin. Dominic and Stella stood out in the backyard for about a half an hour watching it. At one point it was a bit too close for me and I went in. Stella was not sure she liked any of it but these days (believe it or not and I dare not speak too soon) where ever Dominic is that is exactly where she wants to be.

Derek's little friend will be on the 4:30 pm episode of Hannah Montana on Sunday afternoon. When I get the name of the episode I'll let you know. It's his first TV role. We are so excited for him. I am not a huge Hannah Montana fan but a break is a break right?

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Christy Z. said...

apparently we missed the thunderstorm! i didn't know anything about it until i woke up this morning and saw people talking about it on facebook. how weird!