Friday, May 22, 2009

Where's Stella?

How many times a day do I say that? I am trying not to micromanage her, but she is a puppy and she needs looking after. Sigh. The boys are in their own worlds just not really paying much attention to her till she nips. Hello silly boys why is she nipping? To get your attention.
She's my dog and that's that. I am ok with that. I accept it.

Today was Mother's Day in Joe's classroom. We made a ceramic bowl that you paint any way you want, from Color Me Mine I can't wait to see it. They are a great company. They brought the paint and bowls to us but I highly recommend check them out at their place and make whatever you like?
We made cookies and picture frames and a father's day gift. It was a busy day.
Plus Derek got his Accelerated Reader award (finally!) you needed at least 150 points from reading various books in his schools library and taking tests about the books. He was just 12 points shy of 200 which would have given him a silver but it looks like they are going to give it to him next week.

If my boys don't snap out of the bad bad moods they have been in this week... it's going to be a long horrible summer...for us all. UGH!
Ok gotta go find Stella.

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