Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Around here

It's been busy around here and yet some days we don't even leave the house. Joseph had a cold. Now Dominic has it. Derek's xbox took a dump and is headed to rehab (as he says and it cracks me up every time he says it) I have a Bejewled addiction that cannot be cured. We are finishing up painting the rest of the unpainted house.
Stella is in trouble every time Dom is around. Which on the weekends is most of her day. sigh.

So the other night we took her out for her 1 am pee and the cats and dogs were going nuts that night. So again at 4 am she wanted to go out. So Dominic opens the door and walks out to let her out and she is not budging. No way. So he comes in and says "Now the dog from next door is in our yard!" and he's walking about the room as if he is formalizing a plan. I am trying to figure out how the dog got in the backyard. He has no plan. Stella is NOT going out there and I don't see anything. The brave (crazy) one of the family, me, just opens the door to see what is up with this dog. Door open. No dog. I turn on the light. No dog. I step out on to the patio. STILL no dog. I turn the corner of the side of the house to look for the dog and I see ....the wheelbarrow. Apparently Dom thought the shadows of the wheelbarrow was a dog.
I could not stop laughing. Stella was just as convinced as he was. The whole thing woke Derek up and I had the worse time going back to sleep from the laughing. He is such a funny man!

Today I watered the front and back lawn at the same time. When the front lawn was done I turned it off and found Joe in the living room saying "Mama it's raining in the House" the increased pressure from the front lawn being off made the back lawn sprinklers increase and spray water IN.TO. The house! Groan.

So see we are busy. Busy being crazy.
Congrats to Donna who has a bun (maybe two) in the oven. Way to go. So happy for you.
Happy Birthday Darlene. Enjoy your summer.
Have a great trip Cynthia. Alaska is the place to go this summer I guess. I can't wait to hear all about it.
Now I am off to take Stella to the vet. sigh. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

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