Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Love this site.

Yesterday I was crazy or inspired call what ever you want, but I pulled out 7 over grown bushes from the front yard. Then I rearranged some rocks. It looks SO much better. Now what do I do? I ask myself. So I do what I do best and search the Internet for some ideas. I found this great site I am in love with and have spent way too much time on.


They have great ideas for EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. I mean light up turtles for your deck? OH MY GOSH I want those! Dragonfly lights I want that too!
Great ideas for the bedroom. Love that.
I highly recommend it.

On the down side I have a cold now from all the hard work yesterday. Achoo. So today I am laying low.
I have 39 days to get the yard ready for Joseph's party. I think I can do it.

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