Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Never done this before

Today Dom and I are going to the gym together. To work out. In all the years we have been together we have never, ever done this. We have different work out styles this should be interesting. He's on sort of a get in better shape kick and I need a better shape too. We'll see how this goes.

Took Stella to the vet for her check up. She came in at 20 lbs. She was good for the vet didn't cry for her shot. She has a slight infection so we are on twice a week baths and antibiodicts to clear some things up. She's beat. I am beat but it's off to the gym.

Waiting for the doctor.

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donna said...

So hows Stella today? Hopefully the antibiotics are working on her and not the household today! So we've only lived here for a year and haven't yet found a vet(or dentist, but thats another story) , so .... who do you use?