Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paw Prints

I think Dom and I put more into one day than we should.
Our days start early. Today 5:30 am. Breakfast and then the painting began. I went shopping with my mom to get birthday stuff and returned home to make some phone calls, make homemade pizza, run to Orchard Supply, make dinner, help paint the hallway, return my neighbors lost dog, help Joseph go swimming next door, help Joseph after he was done, did the dishes,
After dinner the boys were clean and watching tv while Stella chewed away on a bone. She was lonely in the living room while the boys were in the back bedroom so I took her to them to hang out. Joseph asked for fancy candy pants (which was what I thought he said , but it turned out it was carrots and ranch) and Derek wanted juice. I got them what the wanted and went back to painting the hallway. The bedroom door was closed, all of them were inside, the hall walls were wet. sigh.....
Joseph comes out to discuss his ranch hand and his new shirt and his birthday and Dom and I are chatting with him... neither of us saw Stella come out and rub up against the wall, neither of us saw her put her nose in the paint tray, neither of us saw her put her paws in the tray. When we saw here rubbed up against the wall of course we sort of "AHH" at that same time which sent her running into the boys room, under the bed, wet paws, wet nose and all. sigh.

The cursing began. That dog. All she is is trouble. I grab her and throw her in the bathroom and try to clean the carpet foot prints before they dry. All the while I am verbally bashed by Dom and his love for the dog. sigh.
Mean while Stella is in the bathroom with wet feet and a wet pay barking up a storm. When I finally get to her it's like a scene from a really bad Disney movie.
I had to clean her up, clean up the bathroom floor and repaint the wall.

I am sure things like this happen to other people right?
It's not her fault I know that. Dom does too. Sort of.
Still she's in her crate for the night.

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