Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey mom's do me a favor. When you're taking your kids to school or picking them up put the cell phone down. Better yet turn it off.

I see so many moms walking (and driving) the kids to school in the morning blabbing a way on the cell. Good grief can you not take the time to talk to your kids (hope you have a great day? What shall we have for dinner? Good luck on your test! something, anything!) then when you pick them up you haven't seen them in 6 hours do you want to know how the day went? Don't you want to hear the funny story of how his best buddy went to throw the pudding cup lid away and threw the pudding cup away instead and it was kind of sad but very funny and he giggles like a loon? Don't you want to tell them that you gave the dog a bath and she took a nap on his bed and he'll ooze with love for the pup? I don't get it. How can that call be more important that your child?

I am sure you tell your friends that you walk them to school or you pick them up and your shiny mom crown is sparkling. HA. Tell them "yeah I am mostly on the cell phone when I do get them and drop them off but hey I am there!"
No, no you're not.
If you take them to the park or the birthday party and you sit on the phone the whole time you might as well just dropped them off. Again you're not there. It's the saddest thing to watch.

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. HUGE. Really big.

Ok here is another one....
To all the parents at Williams Middle School. Why do you drop your kids off the middle.of traffic? There are three lanes. One turns left. One turns right and one goes straight. Some parents. A lot of parents. Let the kids get out in the left lane or the middle land and jump the next lane (sometimes 2 lanes) Do you really have some place so important to go you have to drop your child off in traffic? Again can you not take a moment to drive that extra bit to make sure your child is safe?
All long Lauriana it says NO PARKING yet I can count at least 10 cars every day parked there. If a fire truck needs to get through there it's not going to make it but you have a nice shady spot to pick up your prince who is wearing 8 layers of black and a sweatshirt in 100 degree weather.
This is another peeve of mine.
You're aren't helping your children catering to them and I think that if you're always in such a hurry you can't do the right thing, the safe thing, you're not sitting a very decent example either.
Ok that's it. (getting down from soap box)

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