Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dog folks

I think you're either a dog person, or you're not. You are either a cat person, or you are not. You are an animal person or you are not. I am not sure you can truly be on the fence about it. I am a dog girl. I get that from my dad and his side of the family. My Aunt Kat would sleep on the couch with a big old German Shepherd that looked so mean and nasty to everyone but to me was the sweetest dog ever.

I think that dogs bring out the best in people and the very worst in them.
I see the best in Joseph loving and taking care of Stella. Worrying about her, picking eye boogers from the corners of her eyes. I see the bad in Dom not really seeing the good in her, only really seeing every bad thing she does. Like stealing a cupcake from the counter last night. Smart dog ate it quietly to not get caught and honestly if Dom had not walked in on her I would not have known she took one. He kept saying "She ate it wrapper and all" like was she suppose to take the wrapper off and how did you think she was going to do that exactly, lacking thumbs and all?

I took Stella to the dog park today. She really likes it there. She can run and explore and be free. It's good for her. She gets to see other dogs and sniff around. She got muddy and ran to this lady who had her dog there and jumped on her. This lady was mad that this muddy dog jumped on her. I felt bad I really did. I am working on the jumping thing with her. It's like having the rotten kid on the playground. I think you have to be prepared for this when you come to the dog park don't you?

Most of the people were really nice some were a little crazy. It brings out all sorts of people.
I like that Stella sort of makes you go outside. You have to walk her, you have to pick up her poop. You have to stand outside under a starry sky and wait for her to do her thing. That's not all so bad is it? I think I am a dog person and I like that.

(this was written as a quick example for Derek to see how to write a paragraph on something you like.)


Got Dog Carriers said...

I guess whether or not you can be on the fence about it depends on your definition of a "dog person" or a "cat person"

Anonymous said...

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