Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knee deep in it all.

I am knee deep in Biology and Algebra and two kids adjusting to new schedules, a dog that got car sick last night and threw up all over the place moments before I ate dinner and a husband who is a full time employee and a full time student. I need a nap!

I feel like every ounce, every brain cell I have has to go to concentrating on these two classes. I am trying to get Joseph squared away he cries a little every day just a little. (Pay backs, mom I know, I am getting mine)

It just feels like it's been busier than usual around here. Probably not true but it sure feels that way. We have a family wedding next weekend and a three day weekend and I am looking forward to going away over night, dressing up and spending the evening with my family. It's going to be so fun. As soon as I figure out what we are going to do with the dog for the weekend.

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Donna said...

hmmm, maybe we can really get together this next week so we can meet each others dog friend! LOL, but to tell the truth, if Stella tries to steal all my attention, Boomer will get over protective of me. I think he has some jealousy things going on!! If it looks like it could be an ok match, maybe we could do some dog babysitting.

Regardless, weddings are so much fun to attend to! You'll have a great time!