Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't stand there.

As a child I was sort of sedentary. I could spend hours reading in my room or watching tv. Grandma and I would watch game shows and the soaps all summer long. I liked to be outside roller skating, riding my bike and swimming in the summer but the bulk of my time was spent on my fanny. I think I was more active than my sons are for sure but I was not as active as a lot of my peers. Even now I am not as "active" as in sports or hitting the gym I am just busy going and doing more.

I do enjoy a good day of just vegging with a book, a good marathon on tv or a Sunday full of sports suits me well occasionally.
Those days seem few and far between. With 2 kids, a full time schedule , a dog (have to put her in there) a new home that needs fixing up there is always something that has to get done. However there are days I can feel that if I let myself sit down my mind and thoughts will get the better of me. In times of stress it's best for me to keep moving.
It's best to fall into bed completely exhausted so you don't lay there awake and think. Keep moving.
It's best to dive dip into algebra, biology or even a project one of the boys have from school.
So these days I am up and I am moving. I find myself saying "don't sit down" "don't stay seated"
I find that I have to have something in my hand to read or write or my mind goes to the what ifs of it all and that is never a good idea. It's ok to day dream and I usually dream big. But these days my mind is going in places I don't want it too when it's left idle for too long so I am just not going to stand for too long.

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