Thursday, August 27, 2009


My schedule this semester doesn't feel so hectic.

Monday the boys get out at 1:30, Dom has the day off but has class at 5 pm, Joe has soccer at 7pm. We eat dinner at 8:30. Check.

Tuesday. boys go to school till 2 ish, I have class from 10 till 1:30 evenings are spent doing homework. Check

Wednesday Dom works, boys at school, I have a free day or I study. Dom has class at 5, Joe has soccer practice at 7.

Thursdays same as Tuesdays.

Friday's I work in Joe's class. We veg and watch tv and eat pizza on Friday nights.

Now if you put back to school night on a Wednesday I am toast. If you add a sick kid I am done. But we juggle well and we get through each week and ho hum so it goes.

I have taken the online test multiple times, I have a test in T-minus 45 minutes, we will see how this goes. I pray I just pass it. Lord help me pass the darn thing.

Oh and go read Mindy's blog today it's a wonderful post about health care and it's a perspective missed by most I think.

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