Thursday, August 06, 2009

Here's what I know today.

Derek is playing with the neighborhood boys. He's made a Lego city. Everyone has a shop or store in the city. They all get money (Lego money) for doing things in the city and selling things. He keeps maticulous calculations on what has been spent and on what (like his father in this way)
He makes sure everyone gets paid and all purchase are fair, even for the younger kids he wants to makes sure no one takes advantage of them.

We are a neighborhood coming together in the name of one of our own who is battling Leukemia. He's 6 and has spent the last week in the hospital. (It feels like it's been so much longer than just a week) So his brother is here hanging with us (some normal acitivity for him between trips to the hospital) They are all playing well.
Derek is explaining to this mixed group "Economics" telling them it's better for the economy if they spend some money and not save too much. It's good to save some but good to spend some too. I am floored! I guess he listens to the news when we watch it. Good for him.
The neighbor said he's been so good to her boys through all of this. So we had the talk. I told her about Joseph and how maybe Derek has a better understand than most. She said how wonderful he's been and helpful. I am so proud of him. She said that her mother had had a stroke and she and her husband saw Joseph and discussed it if maybe Joseph had hemiplegia but weren't sure how to ask. I am glad we spoke. I am glad her boys are here. I am glad she knows our door is open. I am glad Derek is as wonderful as he is.

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