Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Talk.

Recent events in the neighborhood have made Dominic and I discuss having the talk with the neighbors. As they struggle with the news that indeed their youngest son has Leukemia and they navigate hospitals, medical terminology, and school schedules that will be delayed Dominic and I find our selves side ways glancing at each other. While neither of our sons have ever faced "life threatening" disease we have had our fair share of visits to numerous doctors. We have had meetings to discuss our sons future and outcomes and goals, we have seen them endure tests and procedures that made our stomachs turn a little.
I haven't talked to our neighbor but I am preparing myself. I guess just to let her know that we are here in maybe some ways other might not be if they need it.

On the same note last night Joseph did great at practice but when it came to really keeping up with some of the boys he was not giving it his 100% and when it came to kicking with this right foot...it just wasn't happening. I want the coach to know he is trying. He's not blowing it all off. So do we tell him the deal? Will he look at Joe differently? I mean of course he will, how could he not. While I do not want him to treat him any differently, I do want him to see that Joe's 100% might be another boys 85%... not quite equal in the output. He'll do his best. He loves his sports. He won't try to pull the I am tired card, just be medium hard on him.

So my shoulders been bugging me lately. Dom thinks it's stress. Middle school. 1st grade. Do ya think it's stress? I guess it's possible.

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