Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dom does it again.

Today, Saturday, Dom decided to take some donuts to work. They have a smaller crew on Saturdays so a dozen is usually fine. SO he heads to Safeway to pick up a dozen. The last time he did this they had pre made dozens all set up and he just grabbed them and left. Today no luck. So he decides to grab a box and make his own dozen. He gets about 6 in the box and ....wait for it.... he drops the boy. 6 donuts fall to the floor. If you know Dom you know he loves donuts. So he picks them up and tells the lady at the register what happened and that he would like to pay for the 6 that hit the floor. She tells him not to worry about it and just finish his dozen. The whole thing left him defeated and he just left with no donuts.

So he went to Safeway, through some donuts on the ground and took off.

He has not had a good week.

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