Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to Wal Mart.

We have been having some trouble with Dominic's car the Honda. A horrible wobbling, shaking in the front end. I swear to God, it seems like the wheels are going to fall off. So yesterday we decided to finally have it checked out. Most everyone said the tires needed to be balanced or aligned so he dropped me off at the house to get ready for class and he went to have them checked out. About 15 minutes after he left he walks in the door and he's all wet. He says "I have a funny story for you" and I ask "Why are you all sweaty?" and I am thinking the wheels have come off the car, he had to chase them down and fix the car or he had to walk home.
He says "Oh no this isn't sweat" ....

So he begins to tell me that he went to the car wash first (because you cannot have your car worked on if it's dirty. Is this like cleaning the house before the house cleaner comes? Maybe)
on his way to the tire shop. The window in the Honda has some issues with the gasket thing not getting closed up when you roll the window up and he has this ridiculous ritual that involves a credit card and rolling the window up with the door open .... so I am thinking this gasket died and he got wet in the car during the car worked fine apparently.

He gets in the car wash all is well and he remembers that the antenna is up. He fears the car wash brush things will pull the antenna off (to add to the cars oh so many woes) so he figures when the big main, in the middle brushes passes, he will open the window and put the antenna down. What he did not count on is that from the sides a constant spray of water is covering the car.
With the window down while he's putting the antenna down, water is spraying into the car. Soaking him and the inside of the car. He was so wet he couldn't go have the car looked at looking like that so he had to come home first.

I could not stop laughing while he is telling me this story. It was so darn funny.
So there you have it. In the end we had to shell out $400 to have new tires put on the oil changed and a million other things done but the car is all fixed now and doing much better.
He's always good for a funny story.

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