Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Take good care of my baby.

Today my baby, my first born is 12. He is gearing up for the world. Antsy, itching to go and be a man. Stubble on his upper lip. The smell of big boy soap mixed with his little brothers fruit soap. Playing rock music and getting calls from girls.
But he still wants to sit on your lap some times. He still wants to hug you good bye. He still comes to my side of the bed at night when he can't sleep. He's not ready to be alone in the big world yet, I am not done with him. But he will be ready. Will the world be ready for him? He takes amazing pics. He has great ideas and he analyzes everything.

When I was pregnant with him and it was clear it was time to go the hospital Dom hugged me and said "This is it" and I nearly puked as I clutched my stomach. "I am not ready yet" and he said "You are" and what I think I meant I wasn't ready to let him go. Not ready for him to no longer just.be.mine. Once he was out of me I would have to share him with the big world. Turns out he's still mine and I enjoy sharing him with the world.
Happy Birthday my baby snake.
Love Mama

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