Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What I learned in 1st

Kids do not like sandwiches. Why do we send them? Know what they do? They toss them. Stop it. Don't send them. Send them something else. They like cheese and crackers. Fruit they take two bites of and call it good. If it survives the tossing about on the way to the lunchroom.

They do like Trix yogurt and pudding but only a few spoonfuls then out it goes. They like chocolate milk a lot. All those straws that all the juice boxes come with are difficult for little hands to manipulate. That is where the lunch ladies and a spare mom comes in.
Don't send your kid to school with tie shoes with those long laces. I will call you bad names under my breath as I tie your sons shoes for the 56th time in one day. Slip on and velcro shoes rock.

Your kid will stand 20 feet away from the classroom and throw the lunch box. He might even kick it for distance. Every child will eat dessert first.
Some kids will get the hot meal you are paying for and take two bites and toss the rest out so they can go play. I think recess should be first, then lunch then back to class. I bet every child would eat their whole lunch if they had to go back to class instead of out to play. Just sayin.

Your child will tell all of your secrets. When asked to write "My daddy...." and fill in the blank they will say "has hair in his nose, snores when sleeps, has smelly feet, takes a nap in the afternoon" you name it. Thankfully and I am really proud of him for this wrote "My daddy plays with me" aww shucks.

Little things will upset them. Remember when you were 6 and how no bills to worry about everything was a major crisis.
Poor things.
I think every 6 year old needs to start the day with a big hug, a song in their heart and shoes they don't have to worry about.
Now I am off to see what I can learn in college.


Anonymous said...

By the end of the year, they'll be tying each other's shoes. I didn't tie one single kid's shoe last year..I said "Who knows how to tie shoes?" and then had another kid do it. Extra practice for the ones who get it, and it kept me from bending down a million times. Genius! --CZ

Susan said...

These are good things to know. I always send peanut butter crackers instead of sandwiches for my 2nd grader. How funny to see what happens to all the other sandwiches...

Jenn said...

It shocks me how much they don't eat of what we send. I too see the same thing in the lunchroom. Funny. Stinkers.