Thursday, October 01, 2009

I am so steamed

Here is the first night of the NHL season and I cannot watch the Sharks. Stupid Versus. Stupid Direct Tv. Stupid Comcast.
I am so steamed up about it.

I do not recommend the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Mini sandwich things at Jack in the Box. My stomach has been messed up all week but... I had a coupon so I went with them and now I am payin for it.

Hubby stayed home from work today he has an awful cold. Who will catch it first? Me? One of the boys?

Joseph does not like to wear undies. Hates it. So we managed to get him to wear some to my cousins wedding under his nice clothes but I swear to you as soon as we were back to the hotel I think he wanted to leave his fancy shirt and pants on but take those undies off.
So it's been sort of an issue getting him to wear them now and frankly we are concerned that he might get a rash from soccer. But no he won't wear them. So we said "you wore them to Tim's wedding" to which without missing a beat he said "That wasn't in Tracy you silly, I was out of town of course I had to wear my underwear!"
Well of course. That makes perfect sense right?
So he's commando Joe. All.The.Time. I told him i would buy him any movie on Blu Ray (I know?) he wants if he wore them for 30 days. Nothin doin. So far he says "Mama I just can't do it. Two days is all I can do that's it. Sorry mom no movie" too funny.

If you 're not reading Dooce you must. YOU HAVE to. She is cracking me up with her stories about he new daughter.

Go to Love her.

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