Sunday, October 04, 2009


I am getting ready for bed. It's been a pretty nice weekend. Mostly hanging out with the boys. Mostly chasing Stella down the street. That dog. She never wins any points with Dom when she does that. Mostly watching some excellent hockey and football.

My father is having surgery tomorrow morning at Stanford. His spirits are high. The doctors are sure all will go well. Deep down I am too. Yet it's hard to close my eyes tonight with it all weighing heavily on my mind. I am worried a bit. Maybe not so much about the doctors part of it, maybe about the recovery time of all of this.
It's a 4 hour surgery which is nothing to take lightly.
My mom will have my aunt and uncle with her there at the hospital, I will hold things together here at home.
It should all be fine.

If you know my dad and the relationship he and I have you'll see the humor in this.. a few days ago he said "Now I want to tell you something before I go to Stanford and don't forget it" I was preparing for the emotional "just in case" talk you know? He paused. He said "If you come over here and use the hall bathroom make sure the toilet stops running before you leave or it will run the whole time we're gone" and that was that. Pretty funny.

He's in good hands. He has great people watching over him.
We are all at the point we'd like to just get this started and move along.
I'll keep you posted.

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