Monday, October 26, 2009

Wait here.

I am here roughly 72 miles away from where my dad is. He has a fever today. He is tired today. More shots, more meds and they shaved his beard off. How weird is that? Have you seen my dad without his beard?

It's the waiting game. It's the take it slow, take it easy game. I am never good with that. I want it and I want it now. Progress is slow. He slips in and out of sleep most of the day. They come in and take blood and move this, measure that. He wakes a bit and slips back off to sleep.
My mom watches his every move. Every bell and beep that goes off. Wipes his head. Holds his hand. We wait.
The doctors will run more tests tonight to see where this leak is and then decide what to do. Figure out where the fever is coming from. My father is just tired. Tire of it all I dare say. Just sleeping through the nightmare. I sort of wish I could too.

Add to this the progress reports today. The teacher conference. Derek needs to be more neat and organized. A D in math. His father cannot believe it. It's not that he does not get it, it's just his lack of organization. If you know Dominic you know that is harder for him to deal with than the D it's self.

Joseph's report not much better. Not at grade level. Teachers come to us wanting to know how to help him. Really? So I search and hunt. How can we help? Dom thinks his comprehension is due to the Stroke. The Wernicke's and Broca area perhaps affected. Hard to pinpoint the exact spot. I am not so sure. So what do we do to help him see that if you take the word cowboy and drop cow you get boy? He doesn't hear or get that. He doesn't see that you need that I in sib to make the word. s b makes the sound sib to him sigh. Where do I go? The handwriting. The Alpha smart his keyboard doesn't help. It's like using a dictionary to learn how to spell a word. He has to hunt the keys down for the word he wants to spell.
Don't get me started on my biology and my inability to understand how the body makes and repair bones. Derek can tell you... I cannot.

So that is what is going on here.
I am waiting.
I'll get it all figured out. I'll make sense of it all. You'll just have to wait and see. Join me while we...wait.

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