Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thanks A lot Steve Phillips

Ok maybe it's not his fault. He has an addiction right? Poor thing. Gee whiz. Maybe it's the Today shows fault. Here's the thing. The boys and I watch the Today show in the morning we get the local news and weather and they get a glimpse of the worlds news. We talk about some stories and some time we don't.
This morning the lead story was Steve Phillips and his affair with that intern. His wife left him it's a horrible mess. (I hate that I think this but oh my gosh he ruined his career and his marriage for this hottie? Good Grief. ) Apparently he's checked into Rehab for sex addiction
The boys know all about addiction they are very much into the Dare Program here and I love that. "Can you be addicted to sex?" Joe asked and Derek says "You don't even know what sex is"
"Hey guys what kind of sandwich do you want? Derek juice or water" I try to talk a lot and over thing like that. I explained that he engaged in inappropriate behavior with a very young girl that was not his wife and his wife is upset about that. They seemed happy with that. phew.
One would think that at 7 am one could watch a morning show on a network channel and not have to see these kinds of things.

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