Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wait...what day is it?

Here is a pic of Joe's .... Dominic's helicopter. Isn't it cute?

i feel just about as confused as my dad is these days. Well maybe not that bad put pretty confused.
I think it's Wednesday.
But it's not is it? It's Thursday.
I think I have been watering the plant my mom got from her work and I think it's silk. How ridiculous is it all? How on earth am I to wrap my mind around the skeletal system and the muscles for an exam next week when I am watering silk plants?!

No news on the dad front. The stent holding the are open so it can heal seems to be working. He would give what hair is left on his head for a bottle of water right about now.
I hope soon.
Still a fever but they don't seem to know why and they don't seem concerned.

The knee bone (there is no such thing) how about the phalanges are connected to the madacarpals.... I am off.... to study.

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