Saturday, November 21, 2009


The boys have been playing with the other boys in the court since just after 9 am. I think I have had at least 6 boys here all day. It's almost 5pm. They have been outside. Making movies, running about, nerf battles. I made some home made cookies and have provided band aids, drinks, and have been the referee a time or two.

Most of the boys are great. They are fine. They are boys. They make boys noises they have boy smells. You know. There is this one group of brothers from way down the street that come down this way and they just aren't a good mix. Ever. They aren't nice. The boys try to shoo them away but today they will not go away. I have had to talk to them a few times.

Dominic and I didn't get to celebrate our anniversary and we said dinner a movie maybe some Christmas shopping would be nice, fun wouldn't it? Then one of the boys ran into a bush (Joseph. Not even kidding)and got a good poke right in the eye and we came crashing back to reality. So Dom is hitting the books and I am sitting by the window listening and watching the boys. Gotta keep them in line. I hope and pray some day they will say "Man we use to have lots of fun at the Giardina house" and we say "Gosh it's so quiet here sure miss that noise"

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