Monday, November 23, 2009

Smelly pages

When Derek was little he and I would sit and look for all the smelly pages in the magazines. He loved to smell the different perfumes. Then it seemed all the smelly pages went away and weren't in magazines any more. Now they are back thank goodness and I so enjoy them. I really do.
So just now I took a page and like a dumb dumb rubbed it all over my arm and go figure I hate the scent. Donna Karen Cashmere is not the scent for me. Now I feel an instant headache has just hit me. sigh.

So far so good my dad even has put on a few pounds. He seems to be doing pretty well at home. He has a check up at Stanford tomorrow. Hope it all goes well.

Send some prayers around for a good friend who is waiting for a call today about a great job. I think they have been through enough and could use a swing in the good direction.
Keep your thoughts heading Cam's way too (our neighbor across the street) as he starts a pretty intense round of Chemo this week.

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