Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don't say it....

I took the boys and my mom to Stanford today to see my dad.I couldn't believe it rained on us. Just a little. It was gloomy, overcast and cool over there. It really felt like Fall. Not exactly sit out in the rose garden and visit kind of day that we had expected. Since the boys are not allowed in the hospital due to H1N1 restrictions they are not allowed up to see him. So my dad put on his robe and was wheeled down to the ground floor to see us. He's lost a lot of weight and his beard but he looked good. Not struggling to breath. No crazy talk. Just a tired man that has been through a lot. I think he enjoyed being out of that damn room. He had his cup of ice chips and said he was getting apple juice later. All the while people walked by from the cafeteria with food which didn't seem to bother him until a guy walked by with a bottle of water and he wanted to know where that guy got that.

I don't even speak of speculations swirling that he might come home.. nope not even going to say that.
We just hope it's soon and when they say it might be and for good this time.

I took the boys to the nearby mall. It was so nice. I felt terribly under dressed. We were looking for a bathroom and since we couldn't go in to the hospital we had to find one there. The only one I could find was in Bloomingdales. Of course. What a nice, nice store. I swung a Coach purse over my shoulder ($298. Yowza) I walked Joe through the fine china area (why are the bathrooms on the other side of THAT department) all the while holding my breath. But we made it and we didn't break anything. Thank God.
We saw Santa and Tiffany's and played the Redwood Trivia game It was nice. It was good to see my dad I think it was good for the boys to see him and good for him to see them. We even got to grab some Krispy Kreme Donuts for dessert tonight.

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