Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It goes something like this.

I have no news about my dad. Not really. It's "whiffing" still that must be a medical term but I think they were going to let him have sips of water today.

Today I hate cancer and that we don't have a vaccine for it. I

Today I hate Cerebral Palsy. Joe is into eating his lunch in the cafeteria. He wants to do it. Want to eat tater tots and corn dogs and brown milk. But the trays give him trouble. He has dropped his food once. So with tears in his eyes he said he wanted to eat the corn dog but did not want to drop it. Damn it. So I enlisted the help of a mother hen in his class to help him. She was more than happy to do it. Take him under her wing and guide him through the lunch line. However he does not like that then he has to sit with the girls but on the plus side they help him open his milk (which he cannot do either) so it's no too bad. Then I am stuck with the age old problem I have had since day one. I know the world is not always going to help him and I don't want him to always ask for help but I can't always be there and we have not mastered the one handed milk carton opening yet.
So I spend the day hoping that someone helped him and did not make fun of him, hoping he was able to eat. There have been days that he has come home with a lunch box full of things not touched because I forgot to get it started for him and he didn't ask for help. sigh.
So today I wallowed in a Carmel Java Chip Chiller from Sonic (so so good) for lunch. Never the answer.... eating for emotional reasons but some days it's all I have.
Tonight we will work on holding the tray and we will work on opening cartons with one hand...anyone out there willing to work on the cure of cancer... I am pretty busy.

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