Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon....

Well it all starts tonight at 12:01. The New Moon movie premier. (If you haven't at least heard of this buzz I wonder how life is for you under that rock you must be living under!) The long awaited sequel to Twilight starts tonight! (If you're under the age of 20 you may squeal with delight here!)

I won't lie I am anxious to see it. Mostly I want to take the Robert Pattinson boy and feed him a cheeseburger and fix his hair. I want that Kristin Stewart girl to learn how to sit up straight and look people in the eye during interviews. I want the Taylor boy to mow my lawn and I want those cars. Have you seen them? Swoon! I love a nice dark Volvo on the big screen.

A friend from school invited me to the midnight showing tonight, but there are just a few things I will give up sleep for and this is not one of them and I don't really know her that well. I was thinking of going this weekend but I have tons of homework and really don't want to go alone.
Derek won't go with me. He does not want to be seen with his mother (insert eye roll here) seeing that movie. Joseph is jumping to go but not sure my 6 year old should go.

I will no doubt end up renting it and watching on Blu Ray with Stella who goes a little nuts when the wolves growl during the trailer. Maybe she's a Jacob fan.

But I hope it's good for everyone that is forking out the bucks tonight and this weekend and giving up sleep to see it.
May you all get a big heaping eye full of Edward and Jacob. May it be all that you want it to be. I'll think of you while I am sleeping.


Christy Z. said...

You know I'm not into the Twilight stuff, but I think I have already decided I will be at the midnight show for the last Harry Potter movie. Yep, nerd alert.

Susan said...

You can not possibly wait until this movie comes out on DVD. You simply must see it on the big screen. If all else fails, I will drive from Turlock and we will go see it together. Though, I personally would like to wait a few days (weeks?) until the screaming girls are done with their swooning. I like to 'hear' my movies...