Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Papa update

My dad had to go to Stanford this week for a CT scan and to have his chest drain and the stint that was in place where his esophagus and stomach were attached removed. The CT showed no signs of any leaks. Other than having to wait nearly 7 hours for a room so we could stay over night and be observed I guess it all went really well. My mom came home last night and will go back today to get him. This morning my dad called and said "Guess what is in front of me... rice crispy's, lemon ice and oh if this is coffee I am just going to die. I gotta go it's Starbucks." Too funny. So it looks like he's on a soft diet which is better than what he has been getting.. just juice by mouth. And it looks like he can finally have coffee.

Joseph has been very concerned about what Papa can eat. He wants desperately for Papa to come to our house on Christmas. I told him we will have to see and that Papa probably can't eat ham. Joseph said "We have jello and applesauce right? He can have that. We can all have that can't we?"
Hopefully Papa will be home this afternoon and this will be just a story we can tell "remember that time Papa was in Stanford for a month?" that kind of thing.

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