Thursday, December 03, 2009

Re: Dog house

Got this great email from my "godfather" Steve. A man I have known all my life. He was in the Navy with my dad and I am sure those two had lots of fun and got into lots of trouble in their wild days. They both have calmed down a lot (Thank God) he's never been more than a phone call away and I hope he will always know how much it meant to me and my parents that he was there on my wedding day. We keep touch via email now just recently more frequently. I suspect he emails me while he sits near a dialysis machine.

Tammy, a few years ago I also thought my dog needed her own house. I bought her this nice elaborate foam house put it together and set it up in the back yard. Britt sniffed the house went inside crapped in it and never looked at it again, completely ignoring it till i gave it away, so good luck steve

I some how I just keep seeing Stella sitting on top of it like Snoopy. She likes to climb on top of the patio table and look in the window at us. Even scratching at the kitchen window at us.

Thanks Steve, you made my day.

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