Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas dreams part 1 (just in case)

There has been talk of getting Stella a dog house. Do you see a dog house in your mind like Snoopys? Red. Stella sitting on top of it? That's what I see. A dog house for the dog that sleeps on the boys bed on top of the electric blanket on medium roast. She is not going to sleep in a dog house. I think she thinks this is a perfect fine dog house. sigh. But after the couch cushion incident of 09 it has been decided by Dominic that she needs a dog house.
So we searched on line and look at what I found.

Now I think Stella would be pretty happy in one of these dontcha think?
Oh, I could just see her eating the plastic hanging plant. Look that one even has a drain pipe for those rainy days.
Sadly these are not the kind of house Dom had in mind.

Check out this Christmas tree I found? Neat huh?

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