Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

I know it's January. I know compared to most of the U.S we are pretty lucky but gee whiz it's cold outside.
I foolishly took Joe to school with him pretty bundled but me not so much.
I think it's time for a cup of tea and my electric blanket.

Stella update...she STILL has not gone into that dog house. She barks at it.
Joseph says in a yelling Italian man voice "What, you won't go in the stupid thing? What did we just waste twenty bucks on you? Go in the stupid thing already" it's pretty funny. Wonder where he's heard that kind of talk? (DADDY) oh and yes it was a bit more than $20 my dear boy.

The other day the boys were playing outside and half were inside. The mom across the street and I discussed where all the boys were and she had an errand to do I said leave them here they are fine. She asked if they could be inside while she was gone. I agreed it was a good idea and we worked on corralling them inside. All were in but two, Joe and her older boy (he's 8)
I went in my house to check on the other 4 boys while watching the Joe and her boy slowly make their way into the house. I see them pause for a moment in front of the Christmas tree in the street the neighbor has put out for yard pick up. Both boys on either side of the tree. I see some "water" squirt on to the tree. I notice this "water" is pee. BOTH boys are peeing on the tree in front of my house!!! The boys inside were dying and yelling "THEY ARE PEEING ON THE CHRISTMAS TREE" I run out the door and yell something like stop it or what are you doing something like that. I make them go inside and wash up. So now I have to punish or talk to them right? What do I say? I have 6 boys watching me wondering how this mom is going to handle this. I make all the boys raise their hands and swear to never pee on anything in the front yard unless it's on fire. That did the trick. They will have to wear Hello Kitty Shirts to school the next day if I catch them peeing on anything that is not on fire in the front yard.
So the mom comes home and I tell her and she's embarassed because she's sure that her son was the one that said they should do it. I told her what I did and she thought it was good. I tell Daddy and put the topic to bed.

The next day the boys are our riding bikes wanting to race me I say No thanks buster and they all laugh. Then they say "Ok so the deal is we can only pee in the front yard if something is on fire but not like a bar b que or anything right?" sigh.
"Yes my crazy boys not anyone's barbque" So I had to go through the list of what they could pee on outside and what they could not pee on. Have to be very specific with this bunch.
So Joe is riding his bike with out the training wheels and now he wants to jump. The boys are all out jumping and off he goes. So far so good. Then he comes in crying "where's daddy?" "Where IS daddy?" I have no idea he was outside what's wrong? He won't tell me. So I find daddy (he was working on the car) he tells daddy he hit his penis on his bike when he was jumping. Ouch. All the boys are upset. I am cooking spaghetti I handled the pee you handle this big guy. Then I hear Joe say with a sniff "I guess my penne weenie got punished for peeing on the Christmas tree" indeed little man indeed.

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