Thursday, January 07, 2010

Starting the new year off right.

There is nothing like seeing three doctors in a week with new insurance. Dom has a bad back and a tongue thing (they say Thrush he says mouth cancer... I am trying to take him's so hard)
Today was Joe's check up at the neurologist. All went well. We love him he's a great doctor. The issue came up of Joe having some anxiety and some issues in school. We aren't talking full blown ADHD or ADD but because of the location of the stroke he may always have issues really obtaining large chunks of information. Hard for him to get that 7 comes after 6 and before 8. Has to hear the information over and over. Linear information, abstract thoughts things like that. So we tweak how his day goes in class (wish me luck) feed him more eggs and tuna. Maybe medicate in the future just enough to get him through his day and go from there.
Dom and I came home and do what we do...hit the internet. Dom for his mouth issues, me for Joe. It will always be something but we'll do it because he's ours and we need to help. His doctor said he's going to do fine, he'll drive a car, he'll have a job he'll have a great life. What more could we ask for right?
I really need to remember that when I hear him struggle to read and really struggle with basic math.
Ok I am tired and kind of all over the place here....

Mean while... my dad had his check up too. The feeding tube was removed and he's clear to eat what he wants, what he can tolerate and doesn't have to go back to Stanford until May! Good news for him. He's working on building his strength and he still tires easily but with time I think he'll recover.
Ok I am beat, my head is all over the place. What on earth is in Dom's mouth? How can I help Joe and his teacher? Now that Dom has killed the vacuum we need a new one. sigh.
But first some sleep.

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